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The students these days are dependent on the online assignment writing companies for completing their assignments on time. There are number of companies available online which provide such service to the students facing issues with their coursework assignments. It must be remembered by the students that all the companies in the market are not same and do not provide best service at best price. Several companies are found to have been reported for providing low quality service to the customers. One of such companies is, which has been declining in its service for last two years. The customer reviews of the company indicate the reasons behind the declining of the company. We are here, in this blog presenting some facts from the review which will help the students to identify such companies with bad reviews and consequently they will not go for them.
1. Less Original Papers
There has been repeated report by the customers of the company that the same provides less original papers to the students. Along with this, it has also been mentioned by some of the students that the solution materials have no originality within the same. This is one of the major factor that the online assignment writing service of the company is declining.
2. Not Affordable Price
The price that the company charge from the students most of the time exceeds the level of affordability of them. Since the customers of such companies are students, they cannot pay higher price for hiring professional writers for writing assignments. However, there are number reviews that have given the company a thumb down for their higher price.
3. Plagiarized Solution
Many of the customer reviews on mention that the company provides plagiarized solutions to the students. Plagiarism is one of the major concern for the students as the same is capable of deducting a huge portion of marks form the academic coursework of them. Therefore, the plagiarized solution provided by the company has made the students receive poor marks in their academics.
4. Poor Customer Support
The customer support team of the company is not flexible and responsive as per the reviews posted by the existing customers of the company. The enquiries and the issues of the students have not been resolved by the customer support team of the company properly. The students complained that the customer support executive claims to provide support and help 24x7, but fail to keep the promise. The students, in addition, mentioned that the company does not resolve the issues and enquiries of the customers immediately.
5. Average Writers
The writers who write the assignment papers of the students are average in standard. Though the company claims to provide best expert writers to the students. They claim that the writers are professional and from reputed universities across the world. However, the customer reviews indicate that the quality of the writing not up to the professional standards. The writers seem to be of average standards.
6. Charge for Rework
The company claims to provide free rework to be done if there are any mistakes in the solution materials. However, most of the reviews mention that the company does not keep the promise and charge extra for doing the rework. In addition, also does not take responsibility for mistakes done by the writers.
7. No Sample Paper
There is no facility of sample paper providence by this company whereas most of the companies in the market usually provides sample papers to the students. In addition, the company also does not provide any draft paper before final delivery.
We hope this blog will be helpful for the students who are thinking of choosing this assignment writing company to evaluate the performance of the same before final going for it.

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