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With the increasing number of assignment writing service providers each day in the Internet, competition is going high among the rival assignment providing sites, and another thing that is going high is the posting of fake reviews to bring the good name of the other sites down. One can just type ‘my assignment help reviews’ and see the results that come along with it.
For assignment service sites like, reviews are very important but with the continuous increase of the posting of the false reviews, it is not only the responsibility of the sites but also of the students to assess a review and understand whether it is a genuine or a fake one.
Though removes fake reviews immediately and a constant eye is kept on them. Still students must also be alert for the same. takes fraud reviews seriously, and as for the students, there are certain ways through which these fake reviews can be detected. A good way is to start with checking the details that are given in the reviews. Genuine reviews are pretty much detailed, and they are well-composed. In these kinds of reviews, the students can see how the other student felt when he/she took the service, how the quality of the paper was, how it helped in meeting the university standards etc.
Genuine reviews will also have a price and quality comparison where students can also get an idea whether the service that the service provider is giving will fit their pockets. Information on the delivery quality is also given stating if they deliver on time not. All these things will be missing in a fake review.
A fake review will also see an exaggeration of everything that is written, and in fact, there will be too much of it. Fake reviews come is both negative and positive tone. If the review is a fake one on a negative note, the students will find too many slangs used in the content. Also, there will be too much of negativity. As for the positive reviews, fake ones come with the usage of too many words like too happy, wonderful, superb etc. there is too much of goodness in everything that is written.
The students can also check the language that is used in composing the reviews. There will be too much usage of I. grammar check is also to be made for fake reviews are not detailed but only comes in one-liner style. Fake reviews do not at all describe what they felt bad about. The students will not find anything definite in the reviews, and everything is jumbled up. If a certain review is original but in a negative tone, say suppose a student is not satisfied with a certain aspect that is mentioned clearly, but fake reviews do not do that.
The students must also check for copied reviews. In most of the cases, reviews are copied, and only the words are changed.

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