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Writing assignments and taking a test is equally important in the academic field. In the course, the university or the college ensures that the semester has assignments for every subject so that the concepts and the theories are clear to the student. The problem arises when the student is unsure of the requirement or do not have enough time to dedicate to the assignment. It is important to understand that there is a lot of ways a student can get help for assignments. One of the most commonly used aids to solve the assignment issue is taking help from the internet. With the help of articles and blogs as well as other e-documents that are available online, you can easily understand and complete the assignment. But if there is a time constraint then the student can ask for a paid service support from various websites who help you do your assignment. When it comes to the internet you are likely to find a plethora of options. Based on the country you are from and the type of assignment that you want to make the choice of the website should be made. The companies that offer online assignment help ensures that they form a good relationship with the consumer so that there is consumer retention and hence the company gives discounts and offers to the students as well. is one such site and this document is an review.
According to the claims that are made by the website, the price of the services that they offer is affordable for the students. Yet if you visit the pricing tab you will notice that the prices that are quoted are considerably high for a student. The highlight of this kind of a service is that it has to be a flawless paper no matter what the price is, the company claims a high-quality paper and the price they charge is way more than some other sites that offer you the same service. On the other hand, they also quote prices for the urgency of submission which makes the price even higher.
The understanding of the customer care service that the website provides has some serious drawbacks. Some of the executives of the company are not native and has an issue in understanding and comprehending with the Australian accent of the customers which in turn creates a gap in communication. Thus the requirement is often flawed and there is a parity in the understanding of the student and the writer.
The language that is used in academic writing has to be formal in nature, the structure and the format of the document also carries a lot of marks. Therefore the writer of the assignment has to be extra cautious of the prerequisites that are often not mentioned in the requirement but are expected from the writers who claim to be professional. But there has been an issue with these some of the basic things in the assignment that are made by the writers of this website.
One of the most significant problems that have been brought forward is the disparity in the referencing style. There have been instances where the student has asked for different referencing style but they have been provided with Harvard style. This is a serious issue as there are a lot of marks in the reference section of an assignment.
Hopefully, this review will prove helpful in choosing the right website to avail assignment help. Make sure that you compare and see which service fits your purpose best before paying as there are a number of option and you can get a better quality work at a much reasonable price.

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