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The students studying in colleges and universities abroad are highly burdened with assignments and dissertation works. However, scoring well in these dissertations and assignments are equally important for the students. This is because significant portion of the marks are carried by these assignments and failing in these assignments is simply not an option. Additionally, one of the most crucial challenges which are faced over here is penning down the assignments in fluent English. Most of the students studying in the Australian universities are non-natives.  Moreover, the assignments need to be submitted following the guidelines of Australian English. This becomes an issue with most of the students as the quality of the English is carefully scrutinized by the professors. Additionally, the assignments need to be written in an argumentative manner using different referencing styles which is again difficult for the students. Sometimes the students are involved in part time jobs as a compulsory part of their coursework. It compromises a significant amount of lecture time and also the students end up missing the important notes delivered by the professor. Therefore, the students are left with no other option but to take help from various online tutorials and assignment help services. In this blog, I have tried to discuss regarding one such academic writing services solution which is the I hope that the fresh essays  reviews would help the students in choosing their academic help services wisely.

1.  Services offered and prices
The ausralianwritings services offer a range of products such as assignment, term paper, research work, coursework, book paper. You just name it and they have it! They practically cover diverse subject areas ranging from design, architecture, engineering, law, sociology, English. You can book the assignments at urgency of 3 hours to ten days. You can book for standard, premium as well as platinum quality assignments.  The standard basic price for booking the assignments starts at A$ 19.99.  The prices often go up depending upon the kind of services claimed.  Once you go to their websites they will offer you discount starting at 20%. To top it all there are additional seasonal discounts to attract maximum number of customers. These are marketing gimmicks as once you book an assignment with them they will automatically start charging you unnecessarily claiming to offer you premium quality services. Additionally, before booking for the services you would like to go through the customer feedback or reviews. However, you cannot easily trust them as they are provided by anonymous writers as the websites emphasise upon maintaining the confidentiality of their customers.
2. Can you trust them?
This is the basic question whether or not to trust! The academic stress and burden leaves the students with no options but to take help of the online writing services solutions.  Additionally, they give you reasons enough to use their academic services.  At the end of the day can anyone resist the temptation of getting the assignments done from PhD experts and at such nominal prices? However, there lies the catch as the writers doing the assignment are not necessarily from your academic background. They might hand over the assignment to any random person who might be available for doing the work. However, you are lucky if your assignment shifts in the hands of a subject matter expert. Additionally, though they promise you 100% cashback in case you are dissatisfied with your assignment you can hardly claim it! This is because they will provide you with ample reasons and apply every possible gimmick to convince you against claiming your money back. Additionally, they will also promise to provide you with a 100% plagiarism free and original content. However, sometimes what they provide are just random copy and paste from the internet.

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