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Dissertations form a very important component of master’s research work. Dissertations or the thesis work carries a significant portion of the marks attribute to masters or post-doctoral studies. However, students admitted to master’s level of studies are often seen to engage in part time jobs. Sometimes they are included as mandatory components of the master’s coursework. The part time jobs consumes most of the times of the students where the students. Therefore, the students waste a significant portion of their laboratories time in their workplace. Therefore, the lack of the practical data as well as the lecture notes from the professors which are required in preparing the dissertation studies make dissertations a cause of anxiety for the students.
However, the emergence of online academic help means the students can contact one of these sites for doing these dissertations. However, have you ever thought is it worth the money! The answers will be surprising. Let’s explore a little bit more on these. In my blog, I am going to provide you reviews which are one of the most used sites by students for doing their dissertations.
1. Services promises the best in class services in term of product quality, on –time service delivery and reasonable prices. However, they hardly preach what they say! Therefore, you need to think twice before you actually decide to make that call. They promise you high quality of dissertation services and emphasize most of their survey processes to be genuine. However, this is no true as in most of the cases no genuine research is conducted and most of the data provided by them within the dissertation file are randomly complied or hypothetically made data.
They also claim that the experts writing down the dissertations are all subject matter experts holding or pursuing doctorate in reputed universities at home and abroad. However, most of the times they are not what they claim to be and comprise of even diploma and graduate writers who are not even subject matter experts. Therefore, you might be booking for an economics dissertation where you will be promised that your assignment will be done by an economics expert only. However, on the other hand the assignments are done any random experts who may or may not possess the subject matter expertise. Therefore, hard luck there!
The dissertation writing service will also promise you that high standards of English will be maintained while doing your assignments. However, the kinds of work they upload consist of English of very poor quality or extremely superfluous in nature. They also claim that the contents they provide are plagiarism free which is not true as the most of the times they are inserting topics and contents from similar assignments done buy them earlier.
2. Prices and offer
The dissertation services are quiet costly as the prices are fixed on a per page basis. charges some $ 16.50 per page which is further raised depending on the complexity or the urgency of the assignments. Additionally, delivery of the assignments on time is another noteworthy point where the promises to never let down their customers. However, most of the times they fail to deliver the solution on time neither do they maintain a stable website from where the students can download their solutions. They also lack to provide attractive discounts and offers to the students.
This is because even if you convince them they will convince you sufficiently in the favor of investing that extra penny. However the solution that will be delivered at the end neither meets neither the deadline nor the required standards in most of the cases. Additionally, the after product delivery services are also very poor.

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