Why Reading Reviews is Necessary before order

A few years back online purchase was not at all an option for a major chunk of people. Besides having the fear of fraud and scams through online transactions, which was the most common mode of payment in that time, there were other doubts as well. However, as time went by, the fear cocoon broke slowly, and today more people are joining the flow to purchase commodities and services online.
The trend is gaining tempo as more and more companies are joining the online market to earn greater revenue. It is also beneficial to third party sale platforms. For example, a report by the Census Bureau U.S. Department of Commerce released on May 16, 2017, states that the retail e-commerce sales for only the first quarter of 2017 were $105.7 billion. That was an increase of 4.1% in comparison to the fourth quarter of 2016. If this was just for the US, then we can well estimate the growth in the sales percentage worldwide including the third world countries.
Now let us dissect the reason as to why people were not in favor for online shopping as the trend came in. A random question to a person as to why he/she avoids online shopping would have the answer that what guarantee is there that the product will arrive or get the service exactly as it is defined. This is a very valid reason. Another reason is that it has happened that the product which is displayed on the site is not the same as that of the delivery. But with time these reasons have faded away. Service providers have improved their services to a huge extent and continuously giving more efforts to improve to withstand the tough competitive market.
Slowly as the solutions to amend these problems developed, people started accepting the trend and support it also because they understood the facilities that came with it. You can just sit on your couch, be warm and comfortable and shop whatever you like starting from home essentials, personal stuff, groceries to any service that you like be it calling a serviceman for your television set to even getting your college or university assignments done. Yes, it is true. You can get your assignments written and get a first class paper.
Speaking of the solutions, you get an immense help from the reviews that come with the products. If you are asked what is the first thing that you do when you like a product or a service? Obviously, the answer is that you go through the reviews that the previous customers wrote after going through the specifications and other details. This is the answer to the question as to why reading and writing reviews is a necessity.
When the purchase is about a commodity, it gives a satisfaction that at least you can see it, get the details and other specifications, but what about the services. For example, let us assume that you want to get assignment help services. Well, services don’t have any commodity to display. All that is there is in written format. So that is what you have to read and judge how genuine is the service provider.
Now, a genuine service provider will display the good aspects of their services. A typical good and genuine service provider will say that they are in the industry for many years which is very true for without that experience of being in the industry they cannot provide good quality assignments. Also, they have a good strength of writers with subject experts that write on all subjects.
Adding to these, they will have a very good customer care support to which you can get connected easily and get all your problems solved in a wink. Moreover, one important aspect is the pricing and the quality of the assignment. We know that educational standards are going high these days and a good site always provides a top class assignment. Now when the question is about pricing, the site keeps it at a moderate level because they know that students come from all types of financial background. They set the price of their high quality assignments to the best available price in the market which is most often low and economical. Their concern for the students makes them keep their profit margin too narrow. And one more vital thing is that a good site always sends the assignments back to the students on time after doing it. There are many other small but useful aspects as well but these are the points which you generally look for when deciding to take an assignment service online.
So what is the next thing you do after you are impressed? You look for the review column. Reviews include general aspects which states how the service was, what was the quality, how efficiently did the customer care executives solve the queries, how it impressed the customer, how did it affect the grades, etc.
When you read the reviews, you get a verification of all the claims made by the assignment writing service provider. Reading the review column will give you a clear picture of how actually the service is from the view points of different people. This is why reading reviews are a necessity. You will get to read positive reviews as well as negative reviews. Negative reviews help to improve services while positive reviews impress customers to take up the service. You will find reviews that range from one liner to a paragraph.
The next question is about writing it. Writing reviews is equally important and necessary like reading them. Also writing a review is a matter of ethic on your part when you take the service. Because just like you go through other’s viewpoints about how satisfied they are with the service and what impressed them, the same applies for you as well. You can write whatever you like, of course, in a decent way, expressing your views of what you liked, what impressed you and what can be done to make the service better.
Speaking on this, most people do not like to read a one liner review and not even you. So it is best to avoid writing one liner reviews when you give your opinion. You can always go for a small paragraph mentioning views on the major aspects using only the necessary words.
Writing reviews is also necessary and important for the service providers as well because they expect it from you. A review is also a form of getting feedback for their services. It is also associated with sales too.
So on conclusion, it can be said that reviews do affect online purchase because it has an impact on a customer’s decision and hence it is essential. Reviews need to be honest and sincere as it directly affects sales as well the reputation of the site. Reviews are a prime necessity to increase the sales percentage. More people look for descriptions and want to read what others have experienced.
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